Zoe61 is one of the moviestars who is in the highest level in the Swedish MSP server.

She Started MSP in 2012.

Theory - Did she got hacked?

A girl named Diamantblue MSP recorded a Mailtime in late 2016,there she got a gift from Zoe61. But when she opened Zoe's profile then,it was blocked. You couldn't report or block her,as you seen in the picture below.

DiamantblueMSP's Mailtime video:

File:Image - 2020-05-08T102829.091.png

What do she like to do?

As the most of the MSP top players,Zoe61 likes to do competitions there you can win drip items,VIP tickets,and much more. She also like to do short KF's (Short movies).

She has an acc on the US MSP named Zoe61 too. But it's only in level 40 i think.

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