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XxKawaiiKat5647xX is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet. (US) She is level 25 (Fashionable Movie Star).


XxKawaiiKat5647xX, also known as Steph, originally joined the US server in August 2014 under the account name frozenelsa1001. She later deleted her account in 2017 due to a conflict with her friend. Steph decided that she wanted to restart on MSP. So, she used her backup account, XxKawaiiKat5647xX, as her main account.

She originally used her backup for trolling. You could probably tell by looking at the username. But, since it was the highest level and had the most clothes, she was determined to use it as her new main account. In 2019, Steph got frozenelsa1001 back by emailing MSP with a VIP receipt as proof of the account's ownership.

Steph used to be a highly active and somewhat familiar forumer, but ultimately quit forums in 2019 due to realizing how toxic the community was. She has recently gotten into rare trading, and even though she doesn't have many rares, she enjoys it. She also likes collecting rares, such as Winter Cheeks and some other clothes.

Steph does basically whatever she wants when it comes to artbooks, looks, statuses, and movies. Most of the time her movies consist of short movies. Her artbooks are usually giveaways.

Usual Appearance and Style

Steph has very pale skin, dark blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, and the "Regular" nose. Her makeup look also consists of sparkly black eyeshadow and black "Perfect Pout" lips.

Her typical looks are all black with lots of yellow accessories, and her hair is always long and purplish. The best way to describe Steph's style is bold and feminine. She likes to stand out. Steph is never seen without lots of accessories, a dress or skirt, tights, heels, skin-color winter cheeks, and a bunch of tattoos.


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