XXXirisXXX is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (NL). She is level 30 (Headline Movie Star).


About & History

XXXirisXXX, also known as Iris, is known mostly for the movies she send in for the competition. She also made a lot of series mostly horror or romance series. Beside that a lot of people know her from her artbook which she makes a lot of, for many different topics.

XXXirisXXX made her account on February 2011, which makes her one of the oldest accounts on the Dutch server who is still active.

Usual Appearance and Style

XXXirisXXX changes her appearance a lot. She mostly uses pale skins with pale or black lips, she has a pointy nose and mostly uses blue or green eyes. 

Her style changes a lot as well. Mostly she keeps to the theme of the week, but she also likes to go for a creepy style. which a lot of people don't like. When she isn't creepy, her style is mostly very dark in color and a hipster vibe. 

A lot of people like XXXirisXXX her style and she get copied a lot. Thats why she used to do a lot of twin looks, which she doesn't do anymore. 

Artbooks & Movies


Her artbooks are mostly for promoting her upcoming movies. When they aren't about her movies she covers things that can improve MovieStarPlanet or serious matters. She used to do a lot of give aways and sometimes made some artbooks that were just for fun.


Her movies have a lot of different topics. Her most watched movie is one she send in for the competition. Her other movies are mostly series, which are mostly horror themed. She used to make a lot of romance movies, but as she started to get older she started to get into the creepy vibes. She doesn't always finish her series, which dissapoints a lot of her fans. She also tried to make some 10 second movies, but it isn't really her thing

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