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Pop Movie Star
Member Since: August, 2017

xNymph is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is level 46 (Pop Movie Star).


xNymph, also known as Reneè or Nymph, is best known for helping her friends levelling and purchasing VIP for other people, although she no longer does the latter. Before her current account, she had two accounts: "SmilesForYouToo" and "HeyLyrical." On her "HeyLyrical" account, she was accused of cheating after leveling up to level 20 in a day. She was previously known for her now-compromised YouTube channel and her rare trading account. She has become known through being featured on ">! Katzz!<1"'s YouTube channel. She levelled up through greets, autographs, and her pet. These all caused her to level up to level 32 in less than a month. When she's online, Nymph spends her time browsing artbooks and photos, helping her friends level, rewarding her supporters, and shopping.

Nymph has made multiple artbooks to advertise both herself and her friends, even though she often does hold competitions and giveaways. Nymph doesn't create many movies as she doesn't have the time nor the patience. With that said, the few movies that Nymph creates are short movies designed to help her close friends earn more fame.

Usual Appearance and Style

Nymph has light green-blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, a pointy nose, bright red "Cherry Gloss" lips, and a light complexion. Nymph changes her face often and never seems able to stick to a singular facial look. She does not have a set style, but her style usually classifies as "girly". She often wears skirts or shorts with tights along with crop tops. Her outfits are usually light shades of pastel colors or black and white. A few of her outfits contain a neon color. Her outfits have a lot of accessories and are inspired by other moviestars.
Her looks get around 0-10 loves. She doesn't create looks often, but does try to make theme looks. She rarely receives purchases on her looks.


  • Her wiki account is XNymph
  • Her real name is Reneè, but she used to go by goes by Bianca.
  • She used to be a rare trader, but she eventually found it boring.
  • She used to own her own team called "Zaffrelynn."
  • She originally played MSP in 2012 and had many accounts prior to this one.
  • She was born 4th September 2003
  • She was a "Honoured Epicling" (Ranked member of Fran is Epic's team).
  • She was also a Scream Team Main, though quit the team.
  • Her level goal was level 30; it is now level 50.
  • Her twitter can be found here.
  • Her YouTube channel can be found here.
  • She sometimes goes on her friends' accounts to earn them fame.
  • She has since quit MovieStarPlanet.
  • She is 16 years old.
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