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Member Since: June, 2012
willg8686 Girl Rare Acc
willg8686 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). He is level 21 (Entertaining Movie Star)

About & History


willg8686 back in the day was a noob, in 2012 he joined MSP with his starter clothing which he still has to this day.. Before the gifting level limit changed he was able to send gifts at Level 4. He first got VIP in July 20th 2012 when his grandma bought it for him, he has started making artbooks as well despite being cringe. He was also a tester of the old MSP app for IPhones. He was also part of some Old MSP movies called "Sonic Adventure; Part 3" which got around 434 views, a 4.5 Star rating, and earned the creator 6,149 starcoins, which boosted willg8686 to more levels, as well as BLORANGETIGER's "SM12" which got 106 views, and a 4.5 star rating. He was around 8 years old during that time


During the level up update it made his level jump to level 14, and he made a new years artbook. He was around 10 years old during that year


He went on to making better artbooks, and bought VIP with his own money many times. He was also a new tester on BooniePlanet US Server. He was around 11-12 Years Old.

2017 - 2019

He started to forum in 2017, and made many forum topics. Despite not popular, He has been also being nice to the community. In 2019 he started doing Dot Art, the first one he made was a Hitmonchan. Today he is around 16 years old and his account is around 7-8 Years Old.

Usual Appearance And Style

willg8686 has a tan greyish skin tone, blue "Honest Hero" eyes, a pierced nose and "Pierced" lips. He usually wears dark colors and his hair is usually brown.


  • Back in the day where he had VIP in 2012. He usually goes to the VIP Club more often.
  • On BooniePlanet you can find him on Top Players of the week More Often.
  • He has been scammed a lot in the rare trading community.
  • He used to own 20 Accounts back in the day. Some accounts he forgot passwords, and some he gave away for his YouTube Channel which can be found here.
  • Before he joined the game, he saw some commercials from it on TV back in 2012,
  •  During events on MSP he finishes the first 4 challenges in just a few minutes, expect the autograph ones since he has to wait 1 hour per autograph since he's non VIP
  • He owns a Blood Spatter on US server (Ultra)
  • He used to own a F Top on the Danmark server, before he traded it off.
  • He has around 100 or more rares.
  • He is scam free.


Hitmonchan Dot Art 2

An Example of one of his dot arts

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