Whitest Person Ever
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Whitest Person Ever
Member Since: August, 2013
Blackest Person Ever
Brownest Person Ever
Orangest Person Ever
Whitest Person Ever was a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She was level 9 (Social Star).


White became known through visiting chatrooms to scare others and was best known for trolling on forums. She gained her fame through awards, greetings, and autographs. She spent most of her time on MSP in chatrooms, on the forums, or shopping.
White had two movies ("The Person Evers" and "Stop The Hurting"), one artbook titled "Whitest Artbook Ever", and one look titled "Whitest Look Ever".

White was locked from MSP forever in January 2017.

Usual Appearance and Style

White had white eyes, white lips, white skin, and always wore an entirely white outfit. She didn't buy much clothing other than her starter clothing and preferred to wear a lot of accessories. Her style was a little gothic.


  • She used to have a boyfriend, but he broke up with her due to her inactivity.
  • She gave her "Blueest Person Ever2" account to a new owner.
  • She considered this account "the leader" of all of her "person ever" accounts.
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