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Exceptional Movie Star
Member Since: May, 2011
Summer Dance

Wendy231 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (NL). She is level 94 (Exceptional Movie Star), and is in the 7th spot on the NL server highscores board.


Wendy231 has earned lot of her fame through her own movies and starring in others' movies. Her movies are mainly movie series. Her most popular movie series is "IK BEN ARIANA GRANDE", the first part having over 13,500 views. Her artbooks are mostly about her movies and commonly talked about topics. She does giveaways every now and then, mostly drip top giveaways.

Usual Appearance and Style

Wendy236 has black eyes with a black smokey eyeshadow, naturally light coloured lips, a tan skin tone, and a pointy nose. Her style is mainly casual. She mostly wears light blonde or black hairstyles, and often wears the colors black, light blue, and white.


  • Her name is Rowena.
  • Her birthday is 26/11, she is 18 years old.
  • She loves to draw, and sometimes posts her artwork on her instagram page, @rowenailene
  • She has diamond level on every achievement except the achievement Gossip Star and Fashionista.
  • She has a Youtube channel called "wendy231 ". The channel obtained 12,000 subscribers within the 4 months that she posted.



Wendy231's biography.

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