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Member Since: December, 2014
cool boy 21
Waterfallstream is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 101 (Lifetime Movie Star).


Waterfallstream began slowly gaining recognition in 2015 from her movies, which gradually went from an average of 10 views to an average of 100 views. However, her true popularity began when her now best friend "cool boy 21" featured her on his YouTube channel. This resulted in her movie, "Be careful in the MSP Chat Rooms PT 1", being her first movie to receive over 1,000 views and top the weekly highscores in autumn 2015. She continued to rapidly gain fame and recognition in 2016 from her movies and her pet coin artbooks, both of which usually topped the weekly highscores. She is currently best known for her dot art artbooks and placement on the highscores board. She has also gained a lot of recognition from being recognized for her artbooks by Holly Nova in May 2018. Most of her fame comes from her artbooks and movies, but she does gain some from looks, photos, awards, and autographs. When she's online, Waterfallstream makes artbooks, makes movies, and shops.
As aforementioned, most of Waterfallstream's artbooks are pet coin or dot art artbooks, but she does have some artbooks advertising movies, featuring a player of the month, or dedicated to friends. Her artbooks usually receive hundreds to thousands of loves, and her most loved artbook is "EARN FAST COINS" with almost 5,000 loves. Her movies nowadays are usually single movies meant to be comedic, but she did make some dramatic movies in the past. Similar to her artbooks, her movies usually receive hundreds to thousands of views, and her most viewed movie is "MY KID NEEDS THAT TOY!" with over 18,700 views.

Usual Appearance and Style

Waterfallstream has sky blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, cherry-red lips, a pointy nose, and a dark tan skin tone. Her style is mainly girly, her outfits usually using a variety of pastel colors, flowers, and dresses, although she does dress edgy on occasion. She also makes outfits for cosplay, such as Janis from Mean Girls and Dorothy, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. Her looks usually receive fewer than 100 loves, but her most loved look, "Hit or Miss? I guess they never miss huh", has over 350 loves.


  • Her real name is Elizabeth.
  • She become best friends with "cool boy 21" because of one of MSP's egg hunts.
  • She hates short movies.
  • She has sisters who played MSP before she did.
  • Movies are her favorite feature in movietown.
  • Her backup is WF stream backup
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