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Vivi Giovanni
Out There Movie Star
Vivi Giovanni
Member Since: February, 2013

Vivi Giovanni is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is Level 84 (Out There Movie Star), and is on the 3rd page of the US highscores board.

Vivi quit MSP on August 22nd, 2015, because of too much hate, lack of support, and schoolwork; however, she returned for one day and changed her outfit and made a look that was titled "Maybe Soon", stating that she will return soon. She has returned in 24th of July 2017.


Vivi Giovanni, also called Mama Viper, is best known for being a part of the "Dream Team", a group of Pumpchkin's friends and fellow highscorers. She is also known for being the most "outspoken" member of Team Pump as she speaks her mind on either MSP or Twitter.

Vivi gained recognition for being a devoted member of Team Pump and she quickly became close with the users "Riley@SaHs" and CuteStuff. She leveled up quickly as within her first four months, she was already level 25.
Vivi became a "Dream Team Girl" after winning a competition held by Pumpchkin and CuteStuff. called the "Bad Girl Boot Camp". She won every competition within the "boot camp" and became the overall winner. Shortly after, she was inducted into the "Dream Team".

Vivi was also added to the "Porter Academy", a competition for Team Pump supporters, and she was a "teacher" at the academy. Her group were the Juniors, a group behind Pumpchkin's Seniors, as she is the second top "Dream Team Girl" on the highscores board.

Vivi currently has no movies. Her artbooks are mainly dedicated to friends or fans, and to thank supporters.

Usual Appearance And Style

Vivi has grayish-lavender "Pretty Perfect" eyes, a freckled nose, tanned skin, and light pink "Cherry Gloss" lips. Her style is mainly feminine. She generally wears outfits that use duller shades of color but can occasionally be seen wearing brighter colors.


  • Vivi had the most tweets out of all of the Dream Team Girls.
  • "Vivi" is short for her full name, Vivian.
  • Vivi's only known backup account is "Freckles BabyGio".
  • Vivi's Twitter page can be found here.
  • Her supporters are called "Vipers".
  • Her IMVU can be found here.
  • She is Italian.
  • She goes to an All-Girls Private School.
  • Her favorite color is Purple.
  • As of 2016, Vivi's status never updated.
  • She will be returning soon, as much of the TP already did.
  • Vivi has returned to MSP after a 2 year break.
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