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  • SnowGem

    We no longer use this post.
    Please seek the help center in our forums for help.

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  • SnowGem

    Hey everyone, I'm guessing a lot of you have seen the update about anonymous editing being disabled on our wiki. 
    At first glance this seems pretty great but if you do take a second to look into it you'll see this change has taken place because you must now be 13 years or older to edit on this wiki.

    Now this does get more in depth and confusing, but to say at the least you must now be 13 to edit on this wiki and you can no longer edit anonymously
    If anyone wanted to read more about this please go here

    So this does result in a lot of good news and a lot of bad news
    I'd like to take some time to explain and express some of the pros and cons of this.


    • There will be less users who are randomly ruining pages
    • There will be less users who are posting…

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  • SnowGem

    This is going to be super quick short and simple.
    I know at least half of you will never see this but I'm hoping some of you do.

    To those who are ruining the page: You're not hurting the said moviestar by ruining the page. I highly doubt they will ever see the page non the less your edit. You're only hurting us wikia contributors.
    We keep our opinions off the information page. I hate to say this, but if you realy want to make an impact then you should comment seeing as us regulars cannot remove those.

    To other editiors: This problem mostly occurs for popular moviestars pages. So we'll just have to keep a close eye on those pages and hope we catch it before someone else sees it.

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  • SnowGem

    I saw a lot of you fighting about this and thought I should maybe address it.

    First of all, Do not believe anyone who says they're the founder of this wiki. If they were then they could prove it. Also in order to create a wiki you must create a wikia account so they would not be an anonymous user.

    Secondly, If someone messes something up on a page and you know that it shouldn't be that way. Then you should undo/fix it regardless if you made the page or not. 

    Lastly, A wiki page doesn't belong to you just because you created. We are all contributors and should fix or add anything that is necessary. As I said if someone messes up the page the edit should be undone and you should move on. 

    If you and another user are in a disagreement about an edit or…

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