Hello there fellow contributors and moviestars! I'm pleased to announce that the wikis theme has been updated! We managed to get through the discussions quite quickly and as of today we're looking at a brand new theme that will lead us through 2015 in style.

So far this is just stage one of what is going to be a pretty big update, so hang tight as some bits of the wiki make look slightly off or different right now. Of course, those will all be taken care of in the coming days.
Once the basics are handled and everything looks correct we'll look into making further changes and updates to make the wiki look even nicer!

Some notable changes and things

Staff link colors have been updated!

  • Admins are now Pink.
  • Chat mods are now Purple.
  • Rollbackers will now be Dark Blue.
  • The bot is now a darker Green.

The wiki clock is gonna need updating!
Don't worry, it's been noted and will be taken care of. For the meantime just google search UTC time or view the time in an editing screen(classic editor only).

Report any problems!
If something looks extremely wrong and you don't think it's just something that hasn't been updated yet, let me know!
Examples of things that still need to be updated and are not broken:The community message, the quick links, the staff noticeboard.

And that's all!
Happy editing everyone!

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