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Hello again editors!

The response to our last discussion definitely gave a solid OK to the proposed theme! That said, there were a few things brought up that are discussion worthy and that we should make sure to go through before moving any further with this.
This post will not be nearly as long as the previous one, so let's begin!

The Header Background

A minor change, but one of our editors noticed that the purple was slightly light and maybe even too light for a theme that's trying to work with more of MSPs colors.
This displays the darker purple and this displays the lighter one.

Let us know which one you prefer and why!

The Wordmark
There was one editor who suggested we don't update to the proposed wordmark and stick to the current one with a color change.
This displays what the current one would look like with a color change.

Let us know which you prefer and why! Or, if you have suggestions about either or would like to see some further changes to them, do say so!

And that's all for this discussion!

Thank you for your feedback!

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