Hello there fellow editors!
Spring has finally sprung and April showers are nearly over, but before you go picking any flowers, some springtime cleaning is definitely in order.
As you may already know, many of our articles are marked for cleanup and many more continue to be marked. So, with the spring cleaning spirit in mind, I have a challenge for you all.
I challenge you to fully cleanup at least one completed article in need of a serious reworking.

When you've completed the challenge, link your edits below and I'll confirm that you've done the challenge properly.
Once I've confirmed that you've completed the challenge in it's entirety, your wiki username will be added to the list below. Being on said list may or may not include some additional benefits or rewards when the event has ended.

List of 2015 Wiki Spring Cleaners

(In order of confirmed challenge completion).

  1. Extrateejestrial
  2. DinoBunnies


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Where can I find articles in need of cleanup?
Right here. You can also find a random one by clicking this link.
What if I can't find a completed article in need of cleanup?
If you're unable to find a completed article in need of cleanup then you can complete and cleanup one.
Are there any articles that don't count?
Any articles created after today won't count to insure things stay fair.
What if I need help cleaning up the article?
Just ask! As long as you still write and make the edits, it will still count. This is a great time to learn more about editing on the wiki!
When will the event end?
June 20th, 2015. We may expand the deadline by up to two weeks if needed.
If you made a good amount of progress prior to the events end then you'll be awarded a spot on the list so long as you still finish after.
What if I complete the challenge more than once?
Then you do! There may or may not be perks for doing so.
What is the point in this event?
Learning, bettering your cleanup skills, wiki fun, and in general everything else an event is meant to do!

If you have any questions before you start or during the process please ask!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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