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Hello there fellow moviestars and contributors. As most of you are probably aware we currently have a rule set in place that we call the "NewlyCreatedStub" or "NCS". It was put in place to prevent excessive build up of stub articles made about moviestars while we worked to crack down on the current stub articles. This rule has been around for over 6 months now and at the time it still doesn't seem viable to remove it. However, it may be a good idea to make some changes because this rule does have a negative effect on our wiki as well.

The two main negative effects of the NCS rule are

  1. We often scare new users off with this, ultimately depriving our community of new members and new content.
  2. In the cases it does work, articles are often not completed by their due date and the idea of deletion often makes the user feel discouraged and not want to complete their article even though they still can.

The list of possible solutions is extensively long so I think we as a community need to discuss which ones will make most sense and be most effective for solving the problems at hand.
I encourage you all to leave your thoughts and ideas below. Whether you're making your own idea or replying to anothers, discussion is the key to figuring out what to do.
Please do your best to give details and reasonings along with your suggestions.