MovieStarPlanet Wiki

Hello there fellow contributors!

I've been noticing an increased amount of these "personality" sections on articles or information explaining the moviestars "personality" in general and I'd just like to remind anyone who has been doing this that these types of sections are not accepted here.
A wikis goal is to provide useful and factual information; there is absolutely no way you can write about anothers "personality" without having opinions and controversy come into play. If this were a wiki about a book, show, play, or something else with "scripted" characters then adding personality sections would be okay, but as long as you're writing about the moviestars of MSP, you're writing about people.

If you want to write about your own personality, then your userpage is the place to go.
If you want to write about your thoughts on other moviestars personalities, then here isn't the place for you. I recommend making a blog(not a wiki blog post, a separate blog) to post such things.

I hope this cleared up any confusion that you may have had about wiki articles.
Happy editing!