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Hello there fellow contributors!
Sorry for the late update on this one! Today we'll be continuing our discussion regarding the moviestar infobox background. If you've not already, please review the last part before reading this one.

So there were a lot of mixed thoughts on the last one, but overall most of us agreed to a neutral colored background. However, we did not fully determine whether or not we wanted separate background for males and females or if we wanted to use patterns and/or gradients in the background, so that's what we'll be trying to get settled this time.

Things to discuss:

  • Should we use a pattern or gradient in the background image?
  • Should we use two different backgrounds for males and females?
    • If so, how should the two be different? (ie: Opposite gradients, different greys, different patterns, etc.)

Feel free to spend some time discussing and thinking about these questions before responding!

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