MovieStarPlanet Wiki

Hello once again my fellow moviestars and contributors!
Today I'm going to explain the change we've made to our wiki based on our previous two discussions(see here and here).

The Change

We'll now begin allowing images of artbooks on articles so long as they following the related policies.

The Policies

  • No more than three(3) images may be added into the article.
  • Images may only be added if the artbook is relevant to the article/moviestar.
  • Images must be the downloaded image from MovieStarPlanet. General sreenshots will not be accepted.
  • Artbooks must belong to the moviestar the article is about.
    • Exceptions to this rule require admin approval.
  • Adding faked images will be considered vandalism.
  • Images must be named using the following syntax
    "#" represents the number of the artbook. This will be 1, 2, or 3.

As an additional note, don't edit tons articles just to add these artbooks. As usual with a new change, this counts as fluff editing which is against our wikis policies.

Thank you to those who participated in our past discussions!

Happy editing everyone!