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Hey there community!
It's been quite some time, but I'm here with the update to our last community discussion. Apart from personal reasons and life keeping myself and some of the other editors who were helping with this busy, the lack of clear discussion (it was favorable, but just unclear), files being lost, the complexity of this project, and the amount of work needed to make this change were the reasons why this update took so long. Without further ado though, let's get into this change!

As noted, this was a big change and it took a lot of time, so before getting into anything else, I encourage you all to re-visit (if you missed it or are new, simply visit) the community discussion we had to remember the reasons why we made this change. Now that you've hopefully done that, to keep this understandable, I'm going to skip over the reasons and specifics of this changes and instead jump right into what you need to know:

  • This measure/process/whatever has been named the "High-Scoring (HS) Stub Project".
  • The bot created all the articles which needed to be created to ensure there was no gaming of the achievements system and of course, fairness. Although I did start a small few of these articles, User:DinoBunnies and User:Plattenum stepped in and helped with making nearly half of these articles each.
  • This page explains how the process works, will continue to work, and hopefully answers all of your questions about it.
  • This page is a list of all the moviestars who are part of project and what those articles need.
  • This is the template for these articles. The icon/color scheme is going to be changed soon (along with the rest of the notice templates), and there will also be a new category going along with it.
  • There were a two things on my list which I could simply not get done yet and decided to move forward without them. These two things are what make up the "Additional things:" section in the "How can I help with the HS Stub Project?" section on the project page and you're more than welcome to help out with them.

Annnd that is all I'm going to make you read for this update post.

Thank you for reading and happy editing!
As usual, if you have any questions or concerns about this update, feel free to post them below.