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Hello there fellow contributors!

So our community conversation regarding this subject has ended, and it ended with particpants talking about the good which could/will come from doing something like this. So, because of that, we can now began to seriously consider this change.

For those of you who maybe didn't check into the CC or need a refresher, we went over/discussed the following about articles on high-scoring moviestars:

  • These articles are important and beneficial because they attract a lot of attention to our wiki and are articles that our readers view most.
  • It's important that we have these articles on the wiki, even incomplete, because these articles will likely attract users who will be able to come and help us in getting the needed information.
  • And finally, that we, as wiki, need to work on these articles so that they meet our standards because many users see these articles as examples or as a representation of our wiki.

Now in addition to that, we also discussed how we should/could go about doing this, but we didn't quite figure it out, so that's what we'll be discussing here.

Two noteworthy points that were brought up:

  • Moviestars on the leaderboard for starcoins earned should also be considered, but maybe not as seriously as moviestars on the leaderboard for fame earned.
  • Primarily because of language differences, we should maybe have a broader range of articles made for moviestars from English speaking servers.

Questions to consider:

  • Who and how many should be considered in the range of high-scoring and why?
  • Should we add a template to the articles to ensure that readers know where they can help and know what's going on with the articles? Why or why not?

Let the discussion begin!