Hello there fellow contributors and moviestars.
For some of these matters this is the final update, for others it's just an update on their situation. No discussion is required for this update, however the information is important.
If you have not already you're going to need to review the previous discussions(One | Two) to understand this.

The vote favored 15 being the max with nothing expanding.
That means from here on out trivia sections(at least on moviestars articles) should have no more than 15 lines. If anything has over 15 it needs to be cleaned up.

Please do not go around and edit articles only to remove trivia and when you do remove trivia make sure the section is revised and you're removing the least important things.

Once again, no one favored keeping this section.
There was brief confusion about where discussion regarding rumors should take place, however now that the forums are fully open for wiki-related discussion there should no longer be confusion. Post discussions about rumors in the specific page discussion board(don't forget to add the article as a topic).

I went around with the bot and located moviestars articles with rumors sections in them and removed them. However those articles and other articles may still need further revision.

Nothing much changed here, no point was found for these items.
However, the landing page may potentially be used in the future and does not have the issue the mini-profile does.

For now the landing page should remain however the mini-profile shall not.
The mini-profile is no longer required and articles containing one need it to be removed.

Much like with the trivia section, don't go around and edit a bunch of articles only to remove the mini-profile.

Unfortunately we'll need to wait before any further discussion can be made on this as the infobox still needs to be coded, designed, and tested.
But after reviewing the responses, the new infobox with introduce a field for the moviestars server and a different background dependent upon gender.

A question about what color should be used was raised, however the color can't be determined until the further progress is made on the design.
It may be a question to consider, but it may be something we'll have to just be okay with.

Happy editing everyone!

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