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This discussion is no longer active.

Please go to the update on this matter.

Hello there fellow moviestars and contributors. This is an update to the previous discussion involing the same subject.

After much discussion in the last post, we dug deep and found the exact problems with the comments sections and we thought up a few different ideas.
To handle the problem for the time being we're looking at a plan like this.

Phase 1

  • Add the following policy to the wiki
    "No discussion of your opinions on moviestars"
  • Add a reminder of this policy above all comment sections.
  • Monitor the comments sections.
    • If the problem persists we'll move to phase 2.
    • If the problem goes away(for the most part), we'll open a discussion that will remain active so we can find a way to remove this policy from our wiki.

Phase 2

  • Remove the comments sections
  • Add a new board to the forums that will allow for questions about moviestars that don't involve users opinions(if needed, SPD board may be used instead).
  • Open a discussion that will remain active so we can find a way to remove the policy added in phase 1 from the wiki.

We do have one thing we need to still figure out however.

Should this policy be added to the entire wiki or just specific parts?
Consider these parts of the wiki.

  • Comment sections(this would obviously be a given)
  • Blog posts/blog posts comments
  • Userpages
  • Message walls/discussion pages
  • Don't consider articles as personal opinions are already not allowed on them.

Also keep in mind that we can add and remove items as time continues. It may not be necessary to add this policy outside of the article comments just yet.

Please leave your responses and ideas below!