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Hello there fellow moviestars and contributors. Today we need to have a discussion about a very big and very important area of our wiki. That area is our article comments.

In the past few weeks, though more so in the past few days there has been quite a few problems with these comments. It would seem that many members of our community, both new and old, cannot handle both making comments and respecting our wikis policies. Lately this issue has made our comments sections almost nothing more than a big mess for someone to clean up.

The comments area is meant to serve as a place where users can have discussion about the articles topics as long as it follows wiki policies.
Since saying something nice isn't against our policies, many users like to make comments saying good things about that topic. This would normally be a non-issue, but because our wiki is unique in the way we allow articles about moviestars, these comments most often lead to bad things being said. Since these kind comments are causing bad reactions they're considered comments that are provoking others, which is something that classifies as an abusive action.
In short, a good comment will lead to a bad comment which will in turn make the good comment bad.

Nearly every comment left on an article about a moviestar is a comment that will have to be deleted in the future because of the problem described above.
There are only a small amount of comments that do not have this problem and actually belong in the articles comment section.

So now that you understand the issue, there is one very big question to think about.
Are the comment sections causing more problems than they do good things?

Please leave your responses and reasonings below!
Remember that this is only a discussion, we will not making any changes to the wiki based on your responses to this question alone.