MeliaPotter is a USA MSP user who is level 14, an In Demand Moviestar. She has had VIP twice so far.

Fashion Mel (MeliaPotter) tends to switch up her looks every now and then. She recently has been twinning with her best friend ,in real life as well, Isabel8006. Mel almost always is seen in her nerd glasses, cheek heart tattoo, and freckles. She has hazel eyes and light pink VIP lips.

Friends Mel likes to talk to as many friends as possible! She has many friends that she can talk to. Here closest friends are lovequeenkisses, 8910112131415161718 (her younger brother in real life), ISabel8006,CrazyFrogHopper, and harleyqueen8.

Popularity Mel loves to make art books. She makes many artys that have her friends doing animations while a very popular song plays. She also makes looks of her friends in her time. She also cheers her friends up when they are down and tries to convince moviestars to not quit. Mel has a youtube account called MsNutella lovex, though she has never spoken to IzzyWizzyWooXox. She makes random videos, kind of like MSP vlogs.



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