As know for her movies in MSP she isn't that famous but I'm one of her Loves since she joined I was her first BFF until we thought we need a change ;) So it wasn't because we fell out :)

But I'm still one of her loves xx

  • She on the UK MSP
  • She joined in June 2012.
  • She is a level 23.
  • She has a other Wikia but in not really about MSP so no one would really find it!
  • She is single and ready to mingle SORRY!
  • She has full BFF space I wish there was four :( But I'm fine :p
  • She took 3 breaks in her time on MSP!


Big word isn't it not really for her she cray cray about them since being friends with her on skype she shows me her private one :3 Which I really like since we're close!

Her movies right now are...

  • Girls can fight 1-3
  • The break up (Stop doing it because the person in it deleted her user)
  • Evil VS Good 1-2 (Stop doing it because it was for the comp)
  • The Black Family 1-10 (Quit because she couldn't think what to do)

And much more that she got rid of in her clean up ;)


We all had ex-bff like me and her right her history with BFF is urm 2 MUCH TO TALK ABOUT :/

So we will just say about her BFF that she has right now!

  • Bellamaya1234 (There really close 2)
  • Ashlin Ella 12345 (There really close 3)
  • 1Badboyjake1 (They just became BFFs)

And much more like me but she can't add because you can only have 3 BFFs can't we have as many BFFs as we want?


"We are we are family" Yeah u know that song well she isn't on there on her own oh HELL NAW she has her family to help her even though she says "Don't watch my movies that just really quick fame I want to see who really are my friends" Wow!


She dreams of having a BF and being on the top page. Stay hopeful xx


Oh hell yas she crushing on someone but since I'm a good friend I'm not gonna tell you who ;)

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