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  • I live in UK MSP
  • My occupation is MovieStar
  • JackAmy

    Hey everyone

    So i was doing some homework and i decided to take a look at my MSP. So i went onto the website typed in my stuff and this came up..


    I dont c how wat i wrote can result in a block... All i was doing was helping my friend create an RP Character and i thought since her user was 'Skye the Squirrel' her character could be called Skye. If this pothetic blocking people for no reason things continues, I will quit MSP!!!


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  • JackAmy

    Our New Wiki!

    April 7, 2014 by JackAmy

    Hi everyone!

    Me and Bella have made a new wiki called MovieStarPlanet Moviestars, movies and more! Please come and join the wiki and start writing about your moviestars, movies and Artbooks! Here is the link:


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  • JackAmy

    My new movie series!

    March 26, 2014 by JackAmy

    Hi Bella here!

    So anyway, ive decided to make a new horror movie series called *Revenge of IT*! I need more characters and stuff so if you are on UK MovieStarPlanet and you would like a part please message  Bellatrixlestrange34 and add me (if you can)! If you want to be IT, you MUST have creepy animations and clothes! Look at the artbook image below to look at the charries needed so far!


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  • JackAmy

    I know this has nothing to do with MovieStarPlanet, but oh well.

    So I was looking on the internet for My Little Pony Equestria Girls and this video came up!Im sooo happy there is going to be a second movie, but theres no sign of Sunset Shimmer...

    Well this is how Pinkie Pie feels and I feel  the same :D-Bellatrixlestrange34

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  • JackAmy

    So Amy (Bellatrixlestrange34) was bored and she was on the internet and found a My Little Pony Pony Creator. This is a picture of her design ^-^ Her name is Crazy Pink. 

    So, if you want to create one, here is the link If you do create one, post it in the comments below ^.^


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