Hello again wikians!

It has been. Six months. Far too long to leave this I know, but after I made the last update my laptop broke and I could not have full access to the wiki from my mobile. I can't really carry out these important wiki updates from my mobile phone. So now I have a new laptop we're back in business.

As discussed in the last post, the majority of active editors have reached a unanimous decision on what to change about the rule.

As of today the following changes have been and will be made:

  • The notice that is left on the article creator's wall when their article is marked does now contain a brief list of the main criteria required to complete articles.
  • The noteworthy event criteria has been completely removed and is no longer required to make an article complete.
  • The given time to complete incomplete articles has been extended from 7 days (one week) to 14 days (two weeks).

Now that's sorted, all of the newly created stub articles that were made from the time this rule was suspended (July 16th 2019) until now (January 4th 2020) will be marked as NCS with the following changes, but in phases, as I realise some editors have made more than one incomplete article during in that time, and asking an editor to complete multiple articles in two weeks, during this time of year, is not going to be particularly fair on those editors.

Thank you to all those who left responses and then waited the six months for something to come of said responses. I hope going forward the rule is less intimidating and will hopefully bring in some new more active editors.

We're not done reforming the wiki itself yet, but the NCS rule being more friendly to new and old editors a like is a good place to start.

Thanks again guys and happy editing!

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