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Please go to the update on this matter.

Hello again wikians.

It's time to review the results from the last community discussion and see where we now stand.

So the general consensus is that the NewlyCreatedStub rule, while intimidating to new users, is vital to our wiki.

So What Do We Change?

First and foremost, most people thought that seven days is not quite enough time to complete an article. It was pointed out though, that when users are actively working on their articles, these time limits go out of the window. Extended time limits suggested were 10 days and 14 days, so I think perhaps this should go to a vote.

Another thing most agreed upon is the adding the criteria for a complete article to the NCS message users get where their pages are marked. This being a mostly unanimous decision, it will most likely be implemented as soon as possible.

Most agreed upon removing the noteworthy event requirement from the criteria, but now stands the question: Do we remove it entirely and go on without it, or replace it with something else?

And lastly, some thought it may be a good idea to have different criteria for differently levelled MovieStars (as it is so much easier to find a noteworthy event for higher scoring MovieStars), but no one really knew how exactly to implement this, or what the different criteria would be. Additionally, it would probably make the wiki more confusing for new editors, and people who already struggle with the rule as it is currently set out.

Where Do We Go From Here?

More questions for you all to answer and discuss, guys!

  • Should the time limit for working on NCS articles be:
    • 7 days?
    • 10 days?
    • 14 days?
      • Why do you think this?
  • The noteworthy event is most definitely being removed going forward, however, should we add a new criteria in it's place? If so, what and why?
  • Would you consider an article without a noteworthy event to be complete? Why, why not?
  • Should the noteworthy event still be required for highscoring MovieStars? (This would mean that the criteria for the HighScoringStubs wouldn't change) Why, why not?

I look forward to reading your responses!