Hello there wikians and MSPers alike.

The wiki has been quiet lately and I have been trying my best to watch over it, so some things that need addressing as of this week have come to my attention.


Reporting Vandalism
We have experienced a sudden spike in vandalism edits, and I have been trying my best to keep on top of them, but I just can't catch them all and will miss some. I ask that everyone please return to using the thread to report vandalism to the staff. Additionally, please use the other appropriate threads to report other behaviour that goes against our rules. I or another admin are far more likely to see these reports and deal with them accordingly.
Ongoing Community Discussion
This discussion has been ongoing since June, and there is not enough responses nor information currently there for us to make any further movement in this much needed reformation of the NewlyCreatedStub Rule. As of now, no new articles created are being marked as NCS, as we deem it unfair to be doing so while the future of the rule is still up in the air. I beg of you, wikians, to please leave a response to the discussion and help the community we all love so much start to grow again.
The one part everyone, including myself, seems to be stuck on is the replacement for the noteworthy event criteria. Perhaps it is something we can come back to at a later date after the rule has been reformed the way we can all agree on.

For now that is all I had to address. Please make sure to direct any responses to the reformation of the NCS rule discussion over on that blog post and not this one.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, and happy editing.

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