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  • GloryBax

    Hello again wikians!

    It has been. Six months. Far too long to leave this I know, but after I made the last update my laptop broke and I could not have full access to the wiki from my mobile. I can't really carry out these important wiki updates from my mobile phone. So now I have a new laptop we're back in business.

    As discussed in the last post, the majority of active editors have reached a unanimous decision on what to change about the rule.

    As of today the following changes have been and will be made:

    • The notice that is left on the article creator's wall when their article is marked does now contain a brief list of the main criteria required to complete articles.
    • The noteworthy event criteria has been completely removed and is no longer requi…
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  • GloryBax

    Hello there wikians and MSPers alike.

    The wiki has been quiet lately and I have been trying my best to watch over it, so some things that need addressing as of this week have come to my attention.

    Reporting Vandalism
    We have experienced a sudden spike in vandalism edits, and I have been trying my best to keep on top of them, but I just can't catch them all and will miss some. I ask that everyone please return to using the thread to report vandalism to the staff. Additionally, please use the other appropriate threads to report other behaviour that goes against our rules. I or another admin are far more likely to see these reports and deal with them accordingly.
    Ongoing Community Discussion
    This discussion has been ongoing since June, and there i…

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  • GloryBax

    Hi guys, the title really says it all to be honest, but just to let y'all know that my laptop(s) are unfortunately broken and for the foreseeable future I will be working exclusively from my mobile which, uhhh kinda sucks because. I can't do a lot of things with the wiki on my phone that I can do on my laptop so. Yeah.

    I'll try and be here as much as I can be but I honestly can't promise anything.

    Happy editing,


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  • GloryBax

    This discussion is no longer active.

    Please go to the update on this matter.

    Hello again wikians.

    It's time to review the results from the last community discussion and see where we now stand.

    So the general consensus is that the NewlyCreatedStub rule, while intimidating to new users, is vital to our wiki.

    First and foremost, most people thought that seven days is not quite enough time to complete an article. It was pointed out though, that when users are actively working on their articles, these time limits go out of the window. Extended time limits suggested were 10 days and 14 days, so I think perhaps this should go to a vote.

    Another thing most agreed upon is the adding the criteria for a complete article to the NCS message users get wh…

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  • GloryBax

    Sorry, my laptop screen has broken and while I can do some wiki stuff from my phone, it's a damm sight easier to do it from my laptop which is currently out of action.

    Sorry again guys, yikes.

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