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aka GOD

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  • I live in idol hell
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is grabbing my sword, armor, and going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! taking my revenge!
  • I am vampire
  • Bio i am quite active on discord if you need me // awake and unafraid#4527
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  • Designer TayTay

    this wiki was established on august 18th, 2011!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY/WHATEVER U WANNA CALL IT TO MOVIESTARPLANET WIKI!!!!!!! yessss, ik i'm a day late smh. i was aware that yesterday was the actual anniversary, but i was busy so i couldn't come on here to make a blog post or anything! here we are now, though.

    okay but i also want to mention that there's been a typo on the main page since january 26th, 2014 and NOBODY NOTICED OR TOLD US UNTIL I NOTICED IT TODAY????????? maybe it's not as evident here (i was totally shook and spamming my friends about it when i first noticed smh), but i'm totally overreacting to this. it's just that it's so bizzarre to me that NOBODY noticed it???? sure, i'm not looking at the main page 24/7, but w…

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  • Designer TayTay


    June 21, 2019 by Designer TayTay

    i'd like to apologize for being inactive. i'll try not to waste time with excuses and dumb reasons, i'll say this: i'm sorry! i haven't been getting on the computer as much lately, and when i do, i'm losing motivation to come here. it really bothers me to lose interest in something like this. for someone to be able to say that i'm inactive here and be correct just feels all wrong... but i suppose it doesn't bother me enough to come on here everyday, or something. it sucks. so, i'll try to be better. i can always be better.

    i'm on summer break. i know that i won't be getting on the computer everyday, but i'm going to try to come on here and edit whenever i do get on the computer. there might not be a lot to do, but i'll try to figure out som…

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  • Designer TayTay


    October 7, 2018 by Designer TayTay

    hey peeps i'd like to apologize for not being very active lately sdkdklskldsjshiueoiw;paudfhi;ouxfjpsdv

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  • Designer TayTay

    on august 18th, 2011, this wiki was founded!! it seems crazy that this wiki has been around since 2011, but we're still here and active.

    unfortunately, the founder of the wiki is no longer here, but i'm glad snowgem adopted it and helped it continue to thrive. of course, everyone in the community has been a huge help as well. thank you for sticking around with us!!! i love you all

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  • Designer TayTay

    hello everyone!

    leaving on saturday the 12th, i'm going to be visiting my family for a week. i will not be able to edit on this wiki during that time period. i'll likely resume editing around the 23rd. i hope that the wiki can run smoothly while i'm gone! sorry about any problems this causes!!!!

    please contact me in one of these places if you need something~

    tumblr: sabrina-malfoy
    discord: atua = taytay#4527

    now, let's admire this queen! happy editing!

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