Heyy! So  i have an ex-VIP UK server account with lots of advantages. I don't want it anymore as I don't like MSP now. As fair trade, I am looking for chapter 5 of an extremely cheap game called sally face  when it comes out or, if you are extremely unable to do so, i can give my account to a Sally Face fan. I promise this is 100% free coz why would i need to scam? Ask me for new info or anything else as i am always active. Comment if you think that you may be able to gift something else in return, as my account is worth 10x (or more) than sally face. if you think im being stingy, comment! This is very urgent and i am desperate. Check out my artbook on this and please only comment on my other blog page (link: as i will only be checking that. Tysm xx

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