aka your very own rat

  • I live in in the US
  • My occupation is idk how about you
  • I am queen girl
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my favorites

  • favorite bands and singers// Pentatonix, Superfruit, SOPHIE
  • favorite songs// Pentatonix - Daft Punk, Superfruit - How You Feeling?, Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek, Chris Lake - Turn Off The Lights, Weiss - Turn Around, SOPHIE - MSMSMSM, The Neighborhood - Sweater Weather, and a lot more
  • favorite colors// lime green, chartruse, black, white, gray
  • favorite foods// pizza, tiramisu, ice cream
  • favorite online games// msp, roblox
  • favorite animals// cats (duh), foxes i guess
  • favorite school subjects// chorus, general music, band, art
  • favorite things to do// draw, sleep, shop, dance, listen to music, sing
  • favorite breeds of cats// sphynx, munchkin, maine coon, siamese, persain, scottish fold, abyssinian, american shorthair
  • favorite genres of music// electronic, acapella

other shit

i have a youtube channel, sub to it now

i like editing stuff on here but im irrelevant AND cute so i mean

yeah bye

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