aka your very own rat

  • I live in in the US
  • My occupation is idk how about you
  • I am queen girl


My name is Stephanie, or KawaiiKat (which most people online know me by). I prefer Steph, though. I'm from the US, and I have high anxiety. Idk what else to type lmao

My favorites

  • Favorite singers/bands// Pentatonix, Ariana Grande, Hasley
  • Favorite songs// Hasley - Castle, Ariana Grande - Touch It, Pentatonix - Bohemian Rhaposidy
  • Favorite colors// Green, blue, gray
  • Favorite foods// Chips, ice cream, salad
  • Favorite online games// MSP, ROBLOX
  • Favorite animals// Rabbits, cats (obviously), dogs
  • Favorite subjects// Music, art
  • Favorite things to do// Technology (go on laptops, tablets, phones, etc), read, sleep, eat (;
  • Favorite breeds of cats// Tabby, American Shorthair, Calico
  • Favorite genres of music// Pop, emotional, instrumental

Other things

I love cats because; 1. they are so freaking cute like seriously, 2. they can be lazy for most of the day but then playful for the rest, and 3. they really don't care about anything but food and their owners

I love MSP because, well, it's kinda something I can't explain. it's so addicting and "fun".

i'm lazy most of the time but sometimes i can be active i guess

i have a yt channel, you can go to it here, please sub to become a dad of mine


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