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I'm not sure how to say this right now, but I've quit the wiki.
I know those of you who are most active here already know why, so I hope you understand...
I had a great (mostly, haha) time being an admin for this community the past 3 years. I still wish I could have done a bit more during my time here, as well as did all the things I wanted to before quitting...unfortunately things don't always work out. Should I ever desire to get all those files and bits of MSP history out there, you will be the first to know. (:
(Quick update: I've sent a couple of the files to DinoBunnies.)

Thanks for all the memories MSP wikia and I wish you luck in creating many more for many others!!


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I have serious account issues, but here is what you need to know:
Main for MSP: SnowGem MSPWiki-Flags-US.png
Main for RBP: Miyki MSPWiki-Flags-UK.png
Main for BP: I use my boyfriend's account (Volkihar MSPWiki-Flags-US.png).
Everything else: You can find me under the username Miyki on every server except Finland, Sweden, and Turkey- I am Miykii there.
Extra Things

MSP and RBP Followed!<3

I should update the rest of this section one day.