aka Nicosha

  • I live in England/Swindon
  • I was born on November 19
  • I am Female

I'm Nicosha, a girl who lives in 'The Land of Tea and Crumpets', AKA England.

Sleep? Never heard of it. It's sounds ratchet, anyway.

On MovieStarPlanet, I'm called nicugrg. I'm Level 16, VIP, Judge and Celeb. (God, it's so hard trying not to sound like you're bragging...)

I edit anything I don't find 'decent' enough, or anything with bad grammar/punctuation. 

I'm a fangirl. Yep.

Pokémon was my childhood. I'm still basically a 'child', but oh well.

School's alright, but some lessons won't help me in life one tad bit. I prefer ICT and Literacy to anything else.

AND YES, I do use smileys, I'm just too lazy to. =w=

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