aka Don't stalk me ;-;

  • I live in Australia ;-;
  • I was born on March 31
  • My occupation is Obvs playing geometry dash :3
  • I am A potato.


Hai ;D I'm dat nerdy gal, but yu can call me nerdy ;D check out the page about me here xD

Favourite stuff

Food: anything unhealthy

Colour/s: Every pastel colour and red

Animal/s: Llamas and unicorns ofc

Movie: Big Hero 6

Youtubers: Pewdiepie, Miranda Sings, IISuperwomanII, Dan and Phil and idek xD

Numbers: 21, 3 and 7 in that particular order xD

Letter: S ofc

Shape: triangle coz I'm illuminati (lel)

Song: Anaconda, 7/ 11 and flawless xD

Drink: Water. Nature's drink.

ok dats enough about me ;-; Bai xD

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