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About Me

  • She is 15 year old
  • She always wanted to be a V.I.P
  • Her real name is Anlina
  • Her name on MSP is jewelykit
  • jewelykit suppose to be ( jewelrykit )
  • Jewelykit started MSP in 2 months ago
  • True Friend is bleachedgalaxies
  • back up acc is velvetRED5
  • favorite singers is Red velvet, BIGBANG,taylor swift

Jewelykit is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is on Level 11 (Liked Star).She is nice and Normal. Once her friend ( bleachedgalaxies ) made a group called Team Galaxies. Jewel decided to join. She made a mistake on her name while making her user Jewelykit name supposed to be (Jewelrykit). Her lucky number and favorites is: 7. Jewel don't like mean people .

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