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Beloved Movie Star
Member Since: April, 2013
Tim Dreaming

Unclefemaleisback is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 24 (Beloved Movie Star).


Unclefemaleisback is best known for her "Win a Greet" artbook with over 100 loves. She also gained a lot of recognition from her YouTube videos. She gained a majority of her fame from being featured in some of her friends' movies and from others watching her "High School Drama" series. Within MSP she mostly keeps to herself and close friends. She creates looks, movies series, and artbooks almost everyday, but she rarely does anything else.
Uncle's artbooks are usually to try to make someone's day, giveaways, or random things. Most of her artbooks have over 100 loves, but they're usually for contests.
Uncle has created multiple movie series and also made a short Halloween series.

Usual Appearance and Style

Uncle has salmon "Cherry Gloss" lips, almond "Pretty Perfect" eyes, tanned skin, and a regular nose. She usually wears black hair in various hairstyles and mostly uses the colors pink, white, and black in her looks to display her girly style. Her looks often have the same hairstyle or accessories and gain loves quickly. Sometimes she buys Pumpchkin's looks; otherwise, she just mixes things up.


  • She enjoys making movies.
  • Her birthday is November 3rd.
  • She was featured in one of Pumpchkin's movies.
  • She loves bunnies and puppies.
  • Her YouTube channel can be found here
  • She is a porter (supporter of Pumpchkin) and a viper (supporter of Vivi Giovanni).


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