Lifestyle Movie Star
Member Since: July, 2019
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Ultrasshops is a regular MSP user on UK. Her current level on the game is Level 26 (Lifestyle Movie star) and she is a celeb and Judge (180 days of vip). She has stated that she used the drip glitch to level up.


Ultrasshops is best known for rare trading on the UK server. Her looks mostly consist of a pastel green with white tint at the bottom. They are cute and casual, following the same pattern on her rares. On some occasions she will wear light red and white with dark red lips and red eyeshadow. She is most known by higher level traders for being scam free. Her art books usually get around 50 - 400 loves, Her most loved artbook is her "non spawned rares" at 424 loves and currently she does not have any movies

Usual Appearance and Style

Ultrasshops usually wears cute and girly outfits consisting of green and white for each theme. Her most bought look is #### and most loved look is: ~ Mayhem motors ~ which is at 144 loves


  • She is a huge fan of the colour green
  • She has never bought VIP on her account once
  • She loves food
  • Her favourite food is watermelon
  • she has won at least 4 look competitions 
  • she joined back in 2016 but deleted her old account and is now using her current account Ultrasshops
  • She is known for her green aesthetic
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