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Elite Movie Star
Member Since: July, 2015
!00% Austiee

TylerDx1 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (CA). He is level 88 (Elite Movie Star), and is 3rd on the CA highscores board.


TylerDx1 initially joined MovieStarPlanet on the US server in 2012 and had several accounts, one of which reached level 29. In 2014, he switched to the Canadian server under the username "Tylikesred3" and began getting noticed in 2015 after one of his movies received 2,000 views and reached the top page. After this, his movies continued to hit the top page, and he eventually reached level 44 and the top page of the moviestar highscores. When this account was banned, he rejoined under the username "Tyler Cx" and quickly regained his supporters, with the goal of returning to level 44 and the top page. Through his supporters watching his movies and loving his artbooks, each one reaching the top page, and the consistent use of Fame Booster, he was able to get to level 30 and half a million starcoins earned in just five days. Within two months, he had returned to the top page.

Tyler has maintained his highscoring position ever since through the daily creation of high-scoring clickbait movies, each receiving around 2,500 views, and use of Fame Booster. Additionally, he has a well-known YouTube channel that he uses to record various MSP-related things, his most viewed video having over 89k views; however, he stopped posting two years ago.

Although not well-known to the same extent as his movies, Tyler also makes artbooks that usually talk about deleting sprees or being yourself. Each of his artbooks get hundreds of loves, and his most loved is "Cancer" with over 2,000 loves.

Usual Appearance and Style

Tyler has blue eyes, a lip ring, and freckles with a tan skin tone. His style back in 2016 was more edgy and "cool" and frequented the use of tattoos, hats, and glasses. Nowadays, his outfits are more casual and usually consist of dark hairstyles and clothing from the current theme or based on the time of the year. Although not super well-known, his looks do usually obtain around 100 loves; a couple from 2015 have over 500.


  • He has a Twitter: "itxtyler".
  • In December 2016, he took a break until February 2017 and was on the US server under the username "ItxTyler". After coming back to the CA server, he went from level 61 to level 63.
  • He has not been as active.
  • He is known as the leader of "Tigers", which has over 1000 members.
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