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TwinkleChick is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 27 (Trendsetter Movie Star).


TwinkleChick's fame and recognition began when she went into chat rooms and was noticed for her sense of style. She was not long after befriended by many members of Team Pump, and this resulted in her being level 13 by the time she logged off. She reached level 20 within the next 2 weeks.

TwinkleChick usually makes artbooks to show appreciation for her friends/team or just to announce an upcoming movie series. She doesn't make artbooks very often, but most range between 30-60 loves.

TwinkleChick often makes movie series, but often loses interest soon after starting them. They are usually dramatic and based off of her dreams, experiences, and feelings. Recently she worked on a series called "Table For One" but the series was canceled after only 2 episodes. Her latest project is a series called "Not-so Perfect" which features many of her closest friends.

Usual Appearance and Style

TwinkleChick has gray "Pretty Perfect" eyes, a black and white eyeshadow, a pointy nose, light pink "Cherry Gloss" lips, and a tan skin tone. She mostly wears color-coordinated outfits. Her style is a mixture of tomboy and girly, and sometimes switches on and off between the two. She often twins with Pumpchkin and the Dream Team girls.


  • She tried MSP because of a dare from her best friend. She later discovered that she liked it, and decided to continue.
  • Her username is a nickname her boyfriend used to call her.
  • Her real name is Sam.
  • Her sister in real life is "angel fire 300", but she quit due to loss of interest.
  • Her birthday is June 9th.
  • She loves documentaries and reality shows.
  • She's a very dedicated Porter (supporter of Pumpchkin).
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