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Legendary Movie Star
Member Since: August, 2015

triciawatt is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (CA). She is level 96 (Unbelievable Movie Star). and is 1st on the CA highscores board.


Triciawatt gains fame mostly from watching her own movies, petting her own pets and gifting drip tops and pixel skirts to herself. She is also on boost almost 24/7 and has earned her spot on CA highscores by giving greets and spending thousands of diamonds.

She also plays on every junior server and US. She is a judge there and buys diamond packages monthly on every account.

She chooses her friends on the server based on level and gender. She rather talks to boys. She gives people who help her level VIP tickets.

She also has multiple accounts which she greets herself with including lylyrosse and vittoria kazzandra there is more

She has a non existent team called TEAM PEACE.

Usual Appearance

Triciawatt has light tan skin, minty green eyes, a thin pointed nose and frosty pink lips. She usually dresses in simple colors, such as black or white, but she switches that up every so often. Her hair colour in her outfits are usually blonde or black, but other colours are used too.


  • She is actually French and speaks little English.
  • Her real name is Patricia.
  • She plays in every junior server.
  • She has a level 56 backup account named brandjolina.
  • She passed MODELPEEPS113 which got her hate so she quit.
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