Trendsetter Movie Star
Member Since: January, 2018

TribaIcouncil is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is Level 27 (Trendsetter Movie Star).  


TribaIcouncil initially joined MovieStarPlanet in late 2015 and had several accounts before this one, one of which was popular and another of which had a lot of rares; however, these accounts were all deleted or banned. Since the creation of this account, TribaIcouncil has gone on multiple hiatuses due to drama or disinterest, but she has since become active again. Now, she is best known for her forums, her looks, and her rares. She's gained fame through her movies, the fame wheel, autographs, and greetings, and once leveled up every day for a week. She has also gained recognition for being an active forumer and once had a forum with over 800 comments. In addition to using forums, TribaIcouncil spends a lot of her time on MSP giving autographs, making outfits, and making new friends in chatrooms.
TribaIcouncil has made numerous movies and artbooks, most of which are on private. Her most viewed movie has over 6,000 views.

Usual Appearance & Style

TribaIcouncil has a tan skin tone, hazel eyes with thick eyelashes, a round nose, and light-colored "Perfect Pout" lips. Her looks usually have brown or blonde hair, Xmas freckles, and black and white clothing. Her outfits are girly and often based on people she knows in real life or celebrities.


  • Her real name is Charlotte.
  • She has a dog named Pluto, a hamster named Cream, and three cats.
  • She has an account on every server.
  • She likes the color red.
  • Her favorite food is crab legs.
  • She thinks MSP should be made into a teen game again.
  • Her lucky number is 13.
  • She is 16 years old, and her birthday is on August 13th, which makes her a Leo.
  • She wants to be a scientist when she grows up.
  • She's posted a lot of pictures of relatives.
  • Her favorite movie is Matilda, and she loves reality T.V. shows.
  • She's been playing MSP since 2015 and has been banned four times.
  • Her username is based on Survivor.
  • She loves MTV The Challenge; she said she has watched all of the seasons.


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