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Entertaining Movie Star
Member Since: February 2015
Lex Braxton

TokumeiPandu is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 20 (Entertaining Movie Star).

About & History

TokumeiPandu is known for her Movies, Artbooks, Instagram, Art, and Looks. She started off making movies and in early 2012. Around June 2013, TokumeiPandu decided to take a break on her old accounts, Hotcandi and Gemisha12. She was focusing on her real life and school.

After returning she got bored of both accounts and felt like renewing herself, resulting in this account, February 2015. She initially didn't make movies often; however, as of spring 2015, she has picked up on this.

Since the account change, she calls her fans and supporters “Lunez” and generally gifts and treats her fans and supporters to autographs, animations, and wishlist gifts. Her team name is called "Equinox".She is also known for using lots of French terms in her work. Her fan quote is, "You share the love, we share the fame!".

Usual Appearance & Style

TokumeiPandu has hot pink eyes, a curved nose, thick lashes, heavy black eyeshadow, black lips, and a brown skin tone. TokumeiPandu often wears big accessories that match her outfit. She wears black, blonde, and or other colored hairstyles, with clothes of various colors that match.

Her casual style is mainly "girly" or "Professional" and "matching", but she can also be seen wearing a variety of "themed" looks that are either matching the current theme, for a role in a movie, or something other than those things. TokumeiPandu's outfits are mainly in varieties of pinks, black, blue, and or white.

Artbooks, Looks, Designs, & Movies

TokumeiPandu doesn't make as many artbooks as she used to in 2015, but she creates look inspirations here and there. TokumeiPandu makes many looks, all of which become popular, and one of her most loved look(s) is "[30] Happy New Year 2018" or "[28] Nicole's Cocoa - Uniform". She usually “twins” with other moviestars, or her “Equinox" group. Her group alternates the color of their outfits so TokumeiPandu is seen as the leader of the look. Her designs aren't as popular as her looks, but they're very creative. Her best design currently has 589 loves.

She creates movies as if she's writing chapter books with critical meaning and expression.  TokumeiPandu gains most of her recognition through her friends that critique her movies that she starred them in; she levels up through her movies. Her friends return the favor by viewing and commenting on them and adding her into their own movies. 


  • Birthday: May 15th
  • Currently 16 yrs old
  • Youtube Channel: TokumeiPandu
  • Favorite colors are: Black, Pink, White, and Royal Blue
  • Favorite animals: Panda
  • Favorite Genre of Movies: Horror and Syfy
  • Favorite type of cake: Marble
  • Loves playing video games (including MovieStarPlanet)
  • Loves watching K-Dramas
  • Loves Idol Animes
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