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Member Since: January, 2012
Julia Rosie
Tiffany1217 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 55 (Trophy Movie Star).


Tiffany1217, also known as Tiff or Julia, is best known and has become known for her team, "Team Tiff", and her supporters, "Titaniums". She is initially known for her "jjluver fever" account. She gains most of her fame from movies and awards, with the help of fame booster and "VIP bonuses". Tiffany gains fame when people stop by her room and pet her pets. When Tiffany is online, she makes artbooks, movies, and messages supporters.
Tiffany's artbooks consist of contests, love notes, or letters to her best friends and/or supporters.
Tiffany makes a variety of movies. She makes series and short movies. Her most watched movie is "Why Is Everyone A Newbie?" with over 1,000 views.

In 2015, she formed a team with "xoreostormx", "Sarah50938", and "thevalentinecutie", called "TVSE". In 2016, she formed a team with "princess jasmine lover", "ariannapj24", and "homies1234", called "TJAC". None of these teams lasted, so she stuck with her own team. Tiffany recently updated her club and renamed it: Official Peppermints. She decided to keep Titaniums as her supporters name instead of her team name.

Usual Appearance and Style

In 2016, Tiffany had light blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, peach "Cherry Gloss" lips, a tan skin tone, and a pointy nose. She would usually wear outfits with light colors and almost always wear the "Winter Cheeky" accessory. Tiffany changed her appearance in 2017. She now wears greenish-blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes with white eyeshadow, light magenta "Cherry Gloss" lips, the regular default nose, and still, wears her tan skin tone. Tiffany will once in a while change her look, just to look different. She often wears blonde hair since it resembles her hair in real life. She has a girly and sophisticated style. She makes looks most of the time she is on MSP and they are usually team related and bought by many of her supporters.


  • Her real name is Julia.
  • Her birthday is February 14th.
  • She joined the US server (this account) on New Years Day.
  • Her username used to be "Julia F", but was changed due to it having her real name.
  • Her backup accounts are "tiffany12171217" and "x Tiffany x".
  • She is friends with "Jessie789123" in real life.
  • Her club is "Titaniums Official" (US, UK, and CA) with over 1,500 Members on the US Server.
  • She likes anime and romantic comedies.
  • Her favorite food is pasta.
  • Her favorite color is yellow.
  • She is 17 years old.
  • Her Twitter can be found here and her YouTube channel can be found here.
  • Her UK and CA accounts are under the same username.
  • Her IE account is "Tiffalicious" and her AUS account is "YoItsTiffany"
  • She live streams on YouTube and does "theme reviews".
  • Her series on YouTube, "Back To You", has over 1,000 views.
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