• Hello, so my article has been edited, and marked as incomplete by a moderator... when for the past (almost 2 weeks) the article was complete and full of reletive information. Whereas now i'm being told it isn't after loads of information has been reorganized and entire catagories has been removed from it. Any way¬† you guys can tell me exactly what the issue is. Thank you.

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    • Hello there! I have checked the article history and it turns out that you removed the tags without first having an admin review the article. I simply added those back as they were not okayed to be removed in the first place.
      I also removed the bullet points and turned the article into paragraphs, if you read through it you will notice that none of the information that was there has been removed, it has just been reformatted in a way that fits the wiki criteria. The Trivia and Fun Facts sections of that article have been merged into one as they are both the same thing, and there is no need to have them be separate like that.
      It is difficult for me to review an article that I cannot read very well, so that is why the NCS mark and cleanup mark are back on the article. It doesn't read well enough for me to assess whether the article is complete or not, and I cannot cleanup the article myself.

      Since you have been actively working on the article for the past couple of weeks and are still actively working on it, it is not in danger of being deleted. Honestly, I just need a second opinion from one of the other admins, because as I said, I can't work this out on my own.

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    • Okay, Thank you so much!

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