• I accidently added my username as a User:(username) on my page.. Idk how to revert it back, as it won't let me.

    It's ruined my page?!? oof. Here's the page:

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    • I have deleted the accident page for you. Feel free to recreate it in the correct namespace.

      Also as an extra note: Please do not make new threads on the Staff Noticeboard. If something you need help with like this happens again, post in the Help Centre Board or on a specific admin's Message Wall.

      Below is the latest revision of the page:

      {{Infobox Moviestar|Level = 13|Username = veíní|Gender = Female|Server = UK|Member Since = December, 2017|Relationship = layto n|BFF1 = @Vein|BFF2 = hematolagnia|BFF3 = layto n}}
      '''veíní''' is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is Level 13 (Known Movie Star).
      == About ==
      Although veíní created her account in December of 2017, veíní has been playing MSP since January 2013 (5 years ago). With her first account being miss america girl.
      veíní is a UK MSP forumer, she isn't always active however due to her still attending secondary school. Usually, veíní makes forums about issues with MSP, her own issues or even just random topics. Most of veíní's following know her for being a relatable and kind person.
      ==Usual Appearance and Style==
      veíní has black "Pretty Perfect" eyes, a pale skin tone, a straight nose and pale "Cherry Gloss" lips. veíní is known for creating her outfits only using white (for hair and other clothing items and accessories) and pastel pink (for clothing items and accessories). Her style is quite outlandish, and she likes being a bit crazy when it comes to her avatar. She is also known for wearing clout goggles, familiar to RiceGum's "Clout Gang" goggles.
      *veíní's real name is Anya, but prefers to go by Anastastia or Ana.
      *veíní was born on July 6th.
      *layto n, the user who fills her boyfriend & best friend spot, was her former best friend in real life. The two recently stopped talking, and layto n is barely active and hasn't been for over 2 weeks.
      *She has over 3 other accounts, her first account, miss america girl. Her old main account, ella heartz. And her current main, aqqressive.
      *veíní used to be an MSP YouTuber with her account ella heartz, and had over 30,000 views.
      *Her favourite musicians are Lil Peep, Marina & The Diamonds and Big Sean.
      *veíní is also friends with Buzin, another famous forumer.
      *veíní is British, hence being on the UK server.

      I hope that helped. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask and happy editing!

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