• Soo, when I saw the title for this article, I thought someone had made an article about the in-game search functions (which, I'd say someone could do...but that's complicated*), but I guess not.

    *Read more about complicated article business.
    An article about the search function would be completely unnecessary given where search functions are used. Every feature that has a search function can and should have that noted on their respective articles (e.g. the artbooks article should explain there is a search function in the feature), not on some other article. There may be a couple of extra notes about MSPs search function that could be added somewhere, but it still wouldn't need it's own article (it'd be on a page merged with similar information). We're not quite there on this wiki yet, I don't think we need to worry about this atm.

    As some smart commenter pointed out, what the search article talks about is just a glitch/bug. The mention of this bug does have a place on the relevant shop article(/s) (which I don't believe we have yet, so we'll just note it for later), but a bug of this nature absolutely does not warrant an article of it's own.

    Read about why we shouldn't assume this is an indication of an unreleased search feature.

    What shows in this bug is a version of the shop module (which is what tells us it's a bug). A lot of the feature's modules have strange things like this in them and have had them for a very long time, if not forever. I've only seen a few instances where something that's in a module/file, but not yet live in-game becomes a feature or something else. In those instances, it's almost always only there for a few days before it becomes live and it's always finished/looks finished. I have seen a few things that look finished, but they've been there for a very long time and have yet to become accessible to the players. In those cases, it's better to assume it's a mod/staff-only or troubleshooting feature that isn't planned to be made live anytime soon, if ever (A good example of this is the mass delete button in the friends module. Even if it becomes available to players one day, it's more than likely not in there right now because they have a future intention of adding it to general game).

    By looking at this one, you can clearly see that where a search bar might be is nothing more than a placeholder which was likely put there when this version of the items shop was originally designed in case they decieded they wanted to add a function there.

    Additionally whatever this area is/was for may not necessarily be a search function despite what the word "search" may lead you to believe. That word being there is completely irrelevant to everything because it can mean lots of things. Plus, the likelihood that MSP would even add a true search function is very slim. MSP doesn't doesn't make a big deal out of item names (they mostly hide them) and they don't really have anything else to describe what an item is (e.g. The item name of a floor "cushion chair" is "What a Melon" because of the design on it), so with things as they are now, a search function would be useless and I'm sure they know that.

    Tl;dr about this all so far: From what I can see, this article is unnecessary. It's about a bug, there is realistically not much to indicate this is a planned feature, and the actual search functions in-game would not require an article of it's own.

    When I was more active with MSP, I would have deleted this article in an instant, but since I'm not I just wanted to double check that I'm not missing something before I delete it. So please let me know if it needs to be deleted or if there is something more to this that I'm unaware of!

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