• MSPWiki-Icon-Information The following guide is made assuming you already understand how create a look and how to get to the looks screen.

    Step 1: Find and go to the look you want.
    Step 2: Click the save/download file button(MSPWiki-Icon-Download).


    Step 3: Save the file to your computer.

    And that's it, you have successfully downloaded a look file!


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    • If you're on a male account the moviestar in the looks screen will not pose. In order to get the moviestar to pose you'll need to download the look on a female account.
    • If you have just created the look you'll need to reload the look by clicking on the thumbnail image or look title in the sidebar in order to get the moviestar to pose.
    • If you download the file when the moviestar is blinking or looking the other way then the file will be downloaded this way. Likewise if the moviestars eyes are open and facing forward when you download the file it will be downloaded that way.

    Reminders before uploading these to the wiki:

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    • In terms of moviestar articles, theses are only to be used for the main infobox image and should match all related criteria. Do not use these anywhere else on the article, that includes the looks gallery.
    • Always follow our photo policies when uploading files to the wiki. Any photos breaking these policies will be subject to deletion without warning.
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