• Many of you have probably noticed that I often refer users to a select few articles when they're having trouble with their about sections. Although these are articles about my friends, I don't ask them to review them for these reasons, I ask because the about sections are well made and have the right type of information in them.

    In hopes of helping you all understand about sections a little better, I'm going to pick apart one of these about sections and explain why the information is useful to the about section. I'll be using Hippie!s about section as I feel it's the best example.

    "Hippie was originally best known for her close relationship with long term best friend Impact."

    This is important because it explains how she was originally known, how some still know her, and also helps to explain some of how she became known as herself.

    "However has since created a name for herself through her twitter, artbooks, and looks."
    This is important because it explains what her most noteworthy things are and what many of those who know her know her because of.

    "She's gained a large part of her fame from being featured in friends movies, although she has gained some for herself through her own short movies."
    This is important because it explains most of how she became the level that she is today.

    "Within MSP she mostly keeps to herself and close friends. She creates looks, short movies, and artbooks from time to time, but rarely steps outside of that. On twitter she mostly posts memes and jokes related to MSP, many of which are featured on Impact's secondary blog."
    This is important because it explains what she does on/for MSP and a bit about why she is best known for the things she's best known for.

    "Not long after Impact announced she'd be taking a "semi-hiatus" from MSP in April 2014, Hippie made a twitter posts stating "When my friends stop going on MSP, I stop going on MSP." and has had very little activity since. Even after Impact returned in late September, 2014, Hippies activity has remained minimal."
    This is important because it explains where Hippie is now and further about what she does. Additionally this will remain important information even if Hippies activity picked up because it would explain the gap in her history.

    This is a good about section because it explains:
    • How Hippie has leveled up.
    • How Hippie has become known(by those who know her).
    • What Hippie is best known for.
    • Noteworthy events that happened in Hippies "MSP Life".
    • What Hippie does on MSP.

    These are all of the keypoints in an about section.

    It also it explains all this without too detailed information(as this would belong in another section) and without unnecessary pieces that don't relate to key points of about sections.

    I hope this guide has helped you to get a better understanding of what a good about section is and I hope you'll try writing up one yourself.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask below. I will keep up with this thread.

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